Why You Need to Write Long Form Content in 2016

February 9, 2016 Monika Jansen

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In my travels around the Internet, I found an interesting prediction: Blogs will shift to long form content in 2016. That seems completely counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Aren’t we all crunched for time? Isn’t the Internet already saturated with content?

According to KissMetrics, “You should create long form content because it will get you more of what you want: more online visibility (social shares, links), more proof of your authority and industry expertise, and more material for altruistic community building and engagement.” Long form content, by the way, is 4,000 words plus.

So now we know why long form content is good, but why is it so important for 2016? Two social media platforms are behind this prediction. Facebook Notes are back, and rumors have it that Twitter might expand their character limit to 10,000.

Let’s look at these two social media features that are driving long form content:

Facebook Notes

Notes gives you the ability to publish long form content right on your Facebook Page, like a blog post or a chapter from an ebook. (To enable Notes, refer to the instructions here. Also, Notes is only available for desktop.)

The more you dig into what Notes is, the more you think, Wow, this is just like a blog. You can add a cover photo (like a featured image), track how many people view your Note (as long as your Note is public), add links, and tag people.

Why does Notes matter for long form content? If you already have a robust following on Facebook, it’s a great way to spread your ideas, reach more people, and establish thought leadership. You can use Notes in your personal account, brand Page, and for any Group you belong to.

Plus, let’s not forget that 1.04 billion people log in daily. How many people visit your blog daily?


Rumor has it that Twitter will expand to 10,000 characters as early as the end of Q1 2016. Tweets will continue to appear the same way they do now (as 140 characters), but they will include a call to action letting you know that there’s more content you can dig into.

The upside? Far more engagement and less friction between brands who are using it for customer service and their customers. Plus, 320 million people visit Twitter every month. Like Facebook, that’s way more people than visit your blog.

What do you think? Will you create more long-form content this year and share it on Facebook Notes or Twitter?

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Monika Jansen

Monika Jansen

Monika Jansen is a freelance copywriter and editor who helps with companies of all shapes on sizes kick their content up to the next level. You can find her online at www.jansencomm.com.

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