Small Biz Tip: 3 Steps to Successful Delegation

May 9, 2014 Rieva Lesonsky

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Let it go! Sometimes letting go of business tasks you think no one can do better than you can is one of the hardest lessons for a small business owner to learn. Here are 3 steps to start delegating so you can tackle the big picture of growing your business:

Step One: Break it down. Maybe you don’t trust another person with an entiremarketing campaign or taking over a new client. Break the job into pieces by delegating portions of the task such as research or hiring freelancers. (How much time could you save by not having to interview them?) If you break down a big job into small parts, you’ll feel better about taking something off your plate.

Step Two: Test your people. Don’t give up if your first attempt at delegating didn’t turn out like you wanted it to. Maybe you gave the wrong person the wrong task. Before delegating, do some observation about what certain employees do well. Maybe someone is more of a people person and not a numbers person. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again with a different type of task.

Step Three: Be a mentor, not a boss. The best kind of delegation happens when you give goals and let your employees figure out the best way to achieve those goals. The employee wins by gaining self-confidence and creative freedom. You win by not having to hover over them and waste time asking questions.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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