How to Promote a New Service and Attract Hordes of New Clients

October 7, 2014 Monika Jansen

How to promote a new service and attract hordes of customers

All small business owners suffer from a chronic, non-life threatening illness called Too-Close-To-My-Business-itis (TCTMB).

You are surely familiar with it: As an expert in your industry, you can easily spot challenges and create perfect solutions for your clients, but when it comes to doing the same thing for your own business, you can’t. You just ... go blank.

I suffer from it, too, which is why I turned to my good friend and frequent project collaborator, Nicole Krug at Social Light, for help when I was ready to promote a new service.

As a brilliant marketing strategist, she took one look at my goals and laid it all out for me. Here’s how to promote a new service and (hopefully!) attract hordes of new clients:

Reach out to existing clients

Give your existing clients the opportunity to sign up for your new service first. Write a personal note to the clients who are most likely to need/use the service, explaining how it can specifically help them.

Blog about it

Write a blog post that showcases your new service. If you have early user case studies/success stories, share them, but definitely focus on the challenges the service solves for your target market.

Use your networks

Share your blog post and/or offer a discount for new clients on all of your social media channels and via any professional or networking groups you belong to. If you have a LinkedIn page for your company, add it there as well.

Promote it on your website

Of course you’ll have a landing page dedicated to your new service, but you can also announce it on your home page and cross-promote it from other pages that receive a lot of visitor traffic.

Highlight it in your newsletter

Don’t forget to highlight your new service in your next few newsletters, especially as you gather success stories or quantifiable data that prove results. As people see how the new service has helped others, they will be more likely to jump on board.

Consider holding a contest

This depends on the nature of your service and industry, of course, but you could hold a contest and give the service away as a prize. It’s a great way to raise awareness and build a relationship with whoever wins.

What else have you done to successfully promote a new service? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Monika Jansen

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