Appetizing Menus: The Restaurant’s Ultimate Marketing Tool

November 14, 2016 Marc Prosser

From a business point of view, a restaurant isn’t just a place where people go to buy food and eat. It’s where people experience a whole new place where they can enjoy themselves while eating delicious food. In other words, restaurants don’t just sell food, they sell the entire experience. The restaurant experience starts with the menu because this is where customers make a purchase.

The menu is actually one of the most important ingredients in a restaurant’s success. It succinctly showcases the restaurant’s products and info about them. The food menu is not only used to tell people what’s there to eat, but is also used to entice people to explore more options. This is why every restaurant must have an attractive and appetizing menu to get their customers into the eating and indulging mood.

If you own a restaurant or are planning on opening one up, here are a few tips on how you can make your menu attractive.


Nothing can showcase your restaurant’s food like photos can. If you want your customers to be enticed, the only way to do that would be to put photos of the dishes themselves on the menu so that the customers can see how delicious they look. Always remember that taking photos of food is all about choosing the right angle. Depending on what dish you’re taking picture of, you have to find the best angle that will show the dish’s best features.


When I say wording, I don’t mean just the content of the menu but also the styling of the words. Font color, size, and family play a huge role in making the menu attractive as they are what the customers will be focusing on when they are ordering their food. Let’s say for example your restaurant serves full course meals. Since the full course meals are the highlight of your restaurant, you might want to make the font for this part bigger and more attention-grabbing. This way, your customers will think that your full course meals are something that they cannot miss out on.


When it comes to designing the layout of your menu, the technique there is to keep it clean and simple. The layout refers to the arrangement of the words and pictures in your menu. If the layout is a little messy, then your customers will be annoyed while trying to order their food. You want them to have a good experience while choosing their food so it’s your job to make things easier for them by making your menu readable. The typical layout of a menu would be a column type layout, but there are still much more involved. If you’re new in the food business and do not know how to design the layout of your menu, you might want to research on common restaurant menu templates. That way, you’ll at least have a guide that you can follow.


The theme of your menu has to be parallel to the theme of your restaurant. For example, if you serve Chinese food, then the design of your menu has to have a Chinese theme. You may want to add some Chinese style designs on your menu like pictures of lotus flowers or Chinese characters. That’s all up to your own creativity. You must just remember that whatever theme your restaurant has, your menu must have as well.


According to advertising experts, different colors have different effects on people. For example, red would make a person more excited while blue or green will make a person more relaxed. The color combination that you use for your menu is very important because it will influence how your customers feel inside your restaurant. If you want your customers to eat a lot, I suggest you use the colors red and yellow in your menu because these two colors are known to encourage cravings. If you want your customers to relax in your restaurant, you may want to use green or blue. Of course, these are just suggestions. Ultimately, the color combination that you use for your menu has to be in sync with your brand color and your theme.


The material that you use for your menu is also important in enticing customers. If you own a fancy restaurant, you’re not going to want to give your customers a flat piece of paper that’s stuck to a cardboard box. You’d want to give them a menu with a leather cover. In the same way, you can’t give a menu with a leather covering if you own a burger store. You’d most likely give a laminated menu. If you want your customers to “feel” your restaurant, you must start with letting them feel your menu.


Any business owner would want their customers to be loyal to them– same goes for restaurant owners. If you want people to keep on coming back, you have to remind them of your brand. The only way to do that is to flash your logo continuously on your menu. Creating your logo is of utmost importance when you start your business. You need to have a nice logo that people can remember along with a nice menu.

Remember that the menu is a marketing tool used to promote the food and the experience. It can be used to gain loyalty for your brand and keep customers coming back to your business. Take all these tips into consideration when creating a menu that is perfect for your restaurant business.

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Marc Prosser


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