10 Intriguing Facts About Social Media in 2015

March 5, 2015 Monika Jansen

10 mind-boggling facts about social media in 2015



Ready to get blown away with some surprising facts about every marketer’s favorite topic? Here’s what you need to know about social media in 2015:

1. Google has acquired more than 170 companies so far

Since 2010, Google has been buying about one company per week, many of them based in and around Silicon Valley (no surprise there!). Of all those purchases, Google has only “divested” (a nice way of saying “got rid of”) three companies: Frommers, SketchUp, and Google Radio Automation.

2. Facebook beats YouTube at video views

When you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed, you might have noticed that videos auto-play. Like it or not, this smart change directly led to Facebook beating YouTube in the number of video views in June 2014. When you realize that YouTube is the second most popular search engine out there, that is VERY surprising.

3. Tumblr is growing faster than any other social network

This took me by surprise! Tumblr grew its active user base by more than 120% during the last 6 months of 2014, beating Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook. Why? Their combination of visual and blog platform meets the MIllennials’ desire to share beautiful photos and thoughts. If Millennials are your user base, you might want to start using Tumblr.

4. WeChat is poised to take over the app messaging world

Though you probably know SnapChat, you might not know WeChat. Well, China-based WeChat has 400 million+ users and growing – and it is THE most active social platform in the world. Don’t count SnapChat out, though. It grew by 56% in 2014 – and has 30 million active users, 71% of whom are under 25.

5. Instagram has more active users than Twitter

By the end of 2014, Instagram grew to more than 300 million active users, surpassing Twitter’s active user base, which hovers around the 284 million mark. Thanks to Instagram’s visual focus, it also has WAY more engagement than Twitter – 50 TIMES more. Wow.

6. We are still totally addicted to Facebook

Facebook will never, ever go anyway. Of all the time we spend on the Internet, 15.8% is spent on Facebook; 63% of us visit it daily and 23% of us log in at least five times per day.

7. Facebook has the most-followed account on Twitter

Ironic, isn’t it? Facebook’s Twitter account clocks in with the most Twitter followers of any other company: 13 million. Next comes MTV (10.3 million), Google (7.8 million), Starbucks (5.6 million) and Microsoft (3.9 million).

8. There are over 2.08 billion active social media accounts (and only 7.1 billion people in the world!)

Ten years ago, social media and mobile technology were still in their infancy. Today, there are 2.08 billion active social media accounts worldwide – and worth noting is that 1.65 billion of these people access their accounts from mobile devices. The most active mobile social users are in Asia.

9. Social networks will earn $8.3 billion from ads this year

Whether you like, ignore, or loathe ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (Instagram advertising is still by invite-only), it is estimated that marketers will spend $8.3 billion on social media advertising in 2015. Those ads will almost certainly become even more ubiquitous – and more costly.

10. Social commerce is changing the way we buy things

Global e-commerce sales are currently at more than $1.2 trillion and it is projected that in 2015, 5% (or $15 billion) of online shopping will be done via social media. Average order value by social referrals tops $66.75 at Polyvore, $65 at Instagram, and $58.95 at Pinterest.

Which fact did you find most surprising? Which did you find least?

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