2017 Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

January 9, 2017 Karen Axelton

Email marketing is a powerful tool for small business owners. In fact, in a survey last year, email marketing was rated the number-one marketing method for attracting and retaining customers. If you rely on email marketing, here are eight 2017 email marketing trends you should know about.

1.      Mobile. A quick look around any public place will illustrate how much time we all spend on our smartphones these days. According to one survey, 72 percent of all smartphone owners check their email on their phones; among 25- to 34-year-olds, 83 percent do so. To make sure that your emails automatically adjust to the right layout for smartphones and tablets, choose an email marketing solution that uses mobile-responsive templates.

2.     Personalization. In 2017, personalization will go far beyond using the recipient's name in an email subject line. Smart small business owners will segment their email marketing lists based on demographic, transactional and behavioral information from users so they can deliver emails that are tailored to a particular recipient’s interests and needs.

3.     Automation. One of the biggest 2017 email marketing trends will be increased use of automation. For example, e-commerce retailers can boost sales by automating triggered emails that are sent when a website visitor abandons a shopping cart.

4.     Double opt-in. If you're not already using double opt-ins to confirm new subscribers to your email lists, it's time to start. Double opt-in confirmation not only makes it easier to keep your email list clean, but also ensures more engaged subscribers. After all, if someone takes the time to confirm their subscription, they are more likely to actually open and read your emails.

5.     Short and sweet. With the barrage of email, social media and other information coming at us every day, it's no wonder that shorter emails get better results. Boomerang reports that emails with subject lines of three to four words and body copy of 50-125 words get the highest response rates. If you want to get people’s attention, be brief.

6.    Integration. In 2017 email marketing must be integrated into your overall marketing campaign and deliver a uniform brand message. Use email to drive subscribers to your social media profiles, and social media to amplify your email marketing messages and attract new subscribers. Be sure to include social media icons in your emails so it's easy for users to connect with you wherever they want to.

7.     Visual impact. As the number of words in an email shrinks, the visuals will matter more than ever.  Smart small business owners will choose and create impactful photos and graphics. Visuals are especially important when targeting Millenials. Adding .gifs and emojis to your emails will get more attention and clicks from this age group, while adding short videos boosts click rates among all ages.

8.    Analytics. As you segment, personalize and prettify your email marketing messages, be sure you also monitor and track the results of your campaigns. Use A/B testing to fine-tune offers and subject lines. Be sure to make the most of your email marketing service’s analytics tools.

Stay on top of 2017 email marketing trends with minimal effort: Look for email marketing solutions that include a wide variety of customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality to make designing your emails easy.


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