4 Brilliant and Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

August 7, 2014 Monika Jansen

4 Brilliant and Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

I am always on the hunt for new email marketing ideas, as 1) it is a wonderful way to stay top-of-mind with your audience, 2) add value to their lives, and 3) get in front of them (as opposed to hoping they will see you on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram).

Entrepreneur recently published a really useful article on how to grow your email marketing list. The ideas are super straightforward – anyone can do them – and that makes them brilliant. Three are free to do – one you might need help from your developer, but it won’t be expensive.

Here are 4 brilliant and low-cost ways to grow your email marketing list:

1. Strip your landing pages down to the basics

Your landing pages need to be free of all extraneous information. Whether you are offering a free ebook, guide, consultation, sample product, trial, or demo, or just want people to sign up for your newsletter, you want them to do two things and two things only: supply their name and email address and hit “submit.”

Don’t give them the option of downloading other stuff, reading your most recent blog posts, or otherwise navigating off the page. Remove navigation, including the home button, and all sidebars. Instead, focus on the benefits they’ll receive from the free offer of your newsletter.

2. Tell people what your newsletter will contain

Speaking of your newsletter, share details about what readers can expect from it on your newsletter landing page. How often will it be sent? What information will it contain? What will they learn or otherwise gain from it?

3. Add a feature box to your blog

Unless you are technical, ask your Web developer to do this for you, but adding a feature box above your blog posts is a proven way to capture emails. A feature box is what it sounds like: a highlighted box that features a special download/offer, like an ebook or your newsletter.

4. Build a free content library

If you blog a lot (like me!), put those blog posts to use in ebooks or guides. They don’t need to be long, but they do need to be super useful and relevant to your audience. Naturally, to access your content library, users need to submit their email address first. When Copyblogger set up their content library, email signups skyrocketed by 400 percent!

What else do you do to successfully (and inexpensively) grow your email marketing list?

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